The Lesson Plan of L.I.F.E.

The Plan
This is a free lesson plan for teachers that intends to help stimulate students minds to think critically and creatively about how to become financially competitive during life, how to become financially secure during retirement, and possibly even help them create generational wealth.

The Book of L.I.F.E.

The Book
The Book of Life was intended to be discussed in class, but is so robust with critical information, that it just needs to be homework. In the future, there may be another tab that presents a test on the book, called The Test of Life, but the problem is the book is primarily based on capitalist philosophy, and there is actually no correct answer on how one should invest or spend his or her money. The idea is to give ideas.


The Assignment of L.I.F.E.

The Assignment
The assignment of L.I.F.E. was designed to drive students towards addressing a critical reality that they will eventually most likely have to address, and that is: what to do for work. This assignment will help illuminate career opportunities, press students to make tough decisions, promote choosing a career path, and significantly encourage students to create a plan.


Learning about Drugs

Drugs Learning
This link leads to a website that talks about why not to do any drugs at all, but, lays out why if you do drugs, especially try to avoid addictive drugs that will take over command of your life. There are some interesting things in there, and your power point will have to be set for you tube videos with sound.